Sunday, July 6, 2014

Working hard in Hacienda Mirtas

Hello everyone!!!!! how are you all doing?? I hope your answer is well! Hermana Sanchez and I are doing great here in Hacienda Mitras! Workin Hard and loving these past few days with out the blazing sun! The beginning of this week was blistering hot! man oh man! Butt we are loving every second of these gray sky's and humid weather that we have! Hermano Camrillo, our favorite 2nd councilor gifted us some white umbrellas yesterday for the sun!  ... oh the joys! haha its for the better!!!

 This week was really crazy! It was one of those weeks that I know that we could have used more of the spirit and worked harder... I was a little disappointed in myself, but believe it or not blessings were just falling out of the sky! Maybe I just felt like things were just too easy or something. This week everything fell into place! We have been working our fingers to the bone with this familia Zuniga! They are just amazing! and he finally received a job... well then Satan kicked in, he never fails.... Our wonderful dad of this family, Juan, works Sundays now and cannot change his hours for a month! We have talked to everyone and pulled as many strings as possible prayed and prayed with all of our hearts and well... this is the Lords test and will, and also we know that this is Satan testing him in his life as well. Him not having a job was our way into their family their soft spot, what they needed most, the church helped them and Hermano Castro, his brother actually offered him this job he has now! well, along came the adversary! but with lots of prayer from them and us and many helpers from our ward, believe it or not! This family has more friends and helpers than anyone I have ever seen and Hermano Castro is an angel literally he is in every lesson, passing by, oh exactly what we have been looking for! we are going to be able to still have their baptism, the whole family! (hopefully Wednesday or Thursday this week!!!) and he is going to be able to change his hours in a month so that he can have Sundays off! Blessings will come, and I know that they will not faulter! Sometimes we are faced with tasks that seem impossible to break, but really I have learned so much through this experience and the change in this family! The first time we were in their house, we were not allowed to pray or sing now they have the Book of Mormon, almost read twice, Bible, Doctrine Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price! and a sign on their door reminding them to pray and are all alternating their prayers nightly! Their son found the 10 commandments in 3 min. when we gave them their bible and other scriptures! This is all a miracle and I know the family Zuniga was prepared by the lord for Hermana Sanchez and I what an amazing experience!

We can all make changes in our lives and have miracles like this happen. Small or big a change makes all the difference! When we change something in our lives we are showing our love for our savior and our Heavenly Father, showing them that we want to follow in their foot steps and that we want to become better! When we make a change it is not for a day, it is a commitment! Look at your life today, what can you commit to change, you will receive a reward, feel better, a weight lifted from your shoulders, and shine much brighter than before! This I know to be true! I am changing here each and every day and watching others change right before my eyes! It is a blessing to be a tool in the Lords hands! Each of you can be the same! Get out there! Change your life for the sake of someone else, someone you love! You know who they are! Now do it! I love you all! Have a fantastic week! MMUAH!!!!!!!
 Con mucho amor! Hermana Bauer

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