Sunday, January 26, 2014

First e-mail home 1/16/2014

When I walked away all I wanted to do was cry, but I could smile because I was so warmed by all the amazing spirits around me, I know you could all feel them too! I soon met another hermana going to the same mission as me and then when they shipped me over to west campus, where the Spanish speaking missionaries are I found my comp before they told me who she is! She is awesome, bubbly, loud, quite enjoyable and such a sweetheart! Hermana Abbott is the crack up of our group that's for sure! Hermana Handy was in a trio with us for awhile because Hermana Baisdens flight got canceled for two days. When we entered our first class it was ALL SPANISH. yes i said all Spanish. they do not teach us doctrine or language in English it is crazy.... the whole campus is spanish speaking so we are supposed to speak as much spanish as possible! it is difficult, but i am growing to love it! I am now in rhythm, but though i might not make it when on the third day we were told we had to teach an investigator in ALL SPANISH! we had just leaned to pray and sort of bare testimony that afternoon. I wanted to faint... and then to cry. well we did it and yupp. I didn't talk, can you imagine that?? yeah i couldn't either! well i learned quickly i was going to have to lose my pride, that i didn't know i had that much of, it a good thing i figured it out then because the second lesson, I remind you my fourth day here! we had to teach with nothing but our spanish scriptures!!!!!! well I worked in the Lords hand this time and not in my mind... IT worked a miracle unfolded in front of me i made comparisons in spanish and I bore testimony of this church and how it blesses lives in ALL SPANISH!!!!! and then Hermana Abbott prayed.... we witnessed a miracle and a gift of tongues .. this gift keeps giving, but it is not without effort or the presence of our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ! If it were not for me breaking down, asking for help, repenting of my reluctant attitude towards the fast pace situation, and taking hold of the opportunity I would not have made it to here! my Savior did it for me! we also had the chance to listen to Elder Bednar Speak it was Amazing!!!!!! he answered many questions missionaries often have! They all pertained to me! Our whole apartment sang in the choir and the spirit when he entered the room was so strong I could barley stand! Our district is supposed to be together we are meant for each other and work so well together! 
 TE AMO -Hermana Bauer! 

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